How to send Virtual Gifts

You can send Virtual Gifts to other Buzz50 members from their profile pages
A virtual gift is an image of a present which is sent to the Buzzer of your choice
Here are some examples:



When you send a virtual gift:


  • The receiver gets an automatic Personal Message (PM) from you with the image embedded plus a message from you if you wish.
  • The gift appears on their profile wall from 'Mystery Gifter', so the sender is not shown wink
  • The gift also appears on the receiver's 'Gifts received' tab with the name of the sender AND your mesage. Only the profile owner sees their 'Gifts received' tab and your message!.
  • The receiver gets 70% of the Buzzer Points that you spent on the gift.
  • 'The Banker' gets the other 30% which helps to support our site.
  •  The Banker also gives Buzzer Points for various activities and competitions around the site.
  • NEW! Gifts now appear on profile page avatars and on the Buzzers online on the home page

How to send a virtual gift:

  • Go to the profile page of the Buzzer who you want to send the gift to
  • Click their 'Send ???? a gift' tab
  • Choose a gift and click the 'Send gift' button next to it
  • Add a personal message if you wish
  • Confirm that you wish to send the gift
  • The gift and points are sent!

Here is where the virtual gifts are on a profile page: