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J Bones Still working on figuring this site out and I am pretty good in the tech department, will bring up on computer after work instead of phone. At 73 still work full time, by choice, at a job I have had for 45 years, keeps me out of trouble. Hope everyone has a wonderful day?
JCraigm WOW! The first month of a new year is almost over. Sure wish the days would go a little slower.... lol
John nothing at the moment
Fae Music, art, crafts, and finding enjoyment in advanced years living.
lovetolol Remain silence is good at time. Avoiding drama keep you happy.
Dove Stay Home.Stay Safe. Protect the NHS
DeeD59 Counting the days, until I can see family and friends!
cheops23456 They say those who are vaccinated can pass on the virus. No one has said if an entire household will be vaccinated together to prevent one person from giving the virus to those in the family who are lower down the list and do not qualify.
Lou67 I was looking at some of the profiles here on Buzz50 and their location, England, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, France and few others, I thought to myself what do all these people have in common, Then it hit me “a computer”.. smile it free.. Lou67
shaaronv We’re all looking for someone. - Moody Blues
Fenner Meeting such friendly people.
AngelButterfly ✿✿✿​Sorry i couldn't let anyone know my computer broke in Oct✿✿✿
Clockwork Satsuma Amazing how i am so used to mask wearing now, don't even have to think about it, just automatically take it with me along with my phone, glasses & wallet.
jan99 Jan 99

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    • Eira's Avatar
    • Hello from Texas
    • Welcome to Buzz, Echo Whiskey Look forward to seeing you around the Forums. smile.png
    • Eira's Avatar
    • Hello
    • Hi Suzanne - Welcome to Buzz smile.png
    • Echo Whiskey's Avatar
    • Hey there
    • Hello Coco, I hope you are enjoying Buzz. My son lives in eastern Mass, in Bridgewater. He loves it there.
    • Echo Whiskey's Avatar
    • Hi!
    • Welcome, bohiques, hope you enjoy our community.
    • Minnesota Mike's Avatar
    • Hi!
    • Hi Harmony. Chatting is like riding a bicycle -- you never really forget how! :laugh:
    • Minnesota Mike's Avatar
    • New to Buzz
    • Hi Autumn. I joined a little over a week ago. Nice to meet you.

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    • chorderlite's Avatar
    • We'll meet again...
    • We'll meet again. According to BoJo's government maybe, if we behave ourselves in April. Lots of very special birthdays...
    • Back again's Avatar
    • Just had a lovely chat with SP1952. Lets keep chatting to each other, unfortunately I Don have many email addresses