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JCraigm I need to visit the Giant Redwoods....... Pretend there is a, "significant other", with me..... More fun that way...................... I can not be with the one I want to be with, ............................... so I pretend....
SFP49 I'm buzzing about finding friends here.
MoonlitRoads63 As Terry Wogan used to say, "Is it me?"
GardenLady55 Went hiking yesterday, and saw a 200-year-old tree marked by conservation. The trunk was so huge, it would take 4-6 people holding hands in a circle to wrap an arm around the base.
GerryM Summer is over, been a hectic last six months. Been RVing some, packing up and moving from one house to another about an hour drive south to the town I grew up in. Its on an island and the starting point for a fleet of ferries. Good trails, places to walk to, and actually know more people here.
Heather Don't be afraid to start over. It's a new chance to build what you want.
Toska Stuff.
William 58 The 2023 MLB Baseball Regular Season is almost over. Just 2 weeks left. I watch my favorite teams play their games on TV as often as possible, which is usually daily. It is awesome. But I also regularly watch the other 27 teams on national broadcasts. The playoffs begin the first week in October.
Sarba I Would like to meet some folk for international social interaction and friendship.
Advocate4Angels Love helping our wonderful Vets and assisting people who suffer from severe mental illness!!! American Armenian girl who loves her country and the men who fight to protect us, keep us free and safe from harm!!!
brustorm live every day as if it is your last
Hoosier Gal Kindness has become so rare that some people mistake it for flirtation.
Lacydayz Meeting nice people for friendly conversations!
grizzly When meeting someone for the first time, the excitement of forming a new connection can be both thrilling and nerve-wracking.

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