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FelisConcolor Friendships come and go. There are those who just fleetingly stay a short while and then carry on their merry way and those who stay for the long term who become true friends.
rodwilly54 i need to get my head around this site and how it works
Karren Me Buzzing about now well of course that would be more cake please !!! lol x
jillwings7 I'm keeping pretty busy this summer.
Shelhop FLAWSOME: (adj.) An individual that embraces their "flaws" and realizes they are AWESOME regardless.
Sue 8pal Well, my girl and her baby left this morning and I'm so glad because at 2:15 this afternoon we had an earthquake 5.3R. Not a huge one but we got very badly shaken for sure.
vincey67 What do you do When You Feel Lost and Empty Inside ?
AbbyInIA Looking for friends under 58
photogeek Just ordered new car..yippeeee!!!
Sharkey Growing old is mandatory,but gowing up is optional.
niftythrifter Am really pleased to discover Buzz 50.
Petitefleur63 Happy Canada Day ??
Frankie ready to chat with anybody as a Friendly Chatter:)
Jacquie52 A little late in life, but never too late to make those serious life changes!!

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