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Mila A smile is the cheapest way to look good :-)
tthomas310 I have never began a sentence with "thinking swiftly". Not sure why.
Barbara824 Music mostly but clearly I enjoy animals as well. Anything nature: National Parks etc…
John nothing at the moment
Beerman Just so you know, my nickname comes from the job retired from (worked for a beer distributor) and not from my lifestyle. ;-) I am also first looking for a chat friend and then, who knows? By the way, in my world plus size is a PLUS...
Keeper The 2nd picture in My Gallery is of an Azalea, not as I have written on it, my climbing rose
Kdor Having some difficulty here...not sure if my posts are being seen.
mary22 it is a good site
WestieWoman Feeling guilty for chilling out with my feet up, reading, instead of finishing what I started in the garden. It’s right what they say….Tomorrow never comes. I’ve no idea why I feel guilty though, as I don’t answer to anyone…..a lifetime of being programmed to work I guess.
Freya minding my own business
Maureen I'm no longer on the site
Solo When a Bird is seen perched on the shoulder of a person in a painting or photograph? The symbolism of this imagery is often interpreted as a message from the universe that someone is under divine protection. In many cultures, birds are considered to be messengers from the spirit world.
Ellie420 New here and finding my way…feel free to say hi
Faith I'm busy looking for new friends

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