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Happyman3 Live in Australia, have raised my daughter who's now out of home. Would like to chat, make friends and possibly find someone nice to have a relationship. Good luck to all X
Advocate4Angels Love helping our wonderful Vets and assisting people who suffer from severe mental illness!!! American Armenian girl who loves her country and the men who fight to keep us free and safe from harm!!! Message me for more info!!!
William 58 The college football season is over. The pro football season is over except for the Super Bowl (Sunday Feb 12th). The pro and college basketball seasons are well underway. The start of Spring Training for the 2023 MLB Baseball Season is just one week away. The Regular Season begins March 30th.
The Jazz Singer Disappointed in Everton FC . But so glad I have my music to Listen to ( Neil Diamond) I never trust anyone who doesn't like him....if you disagree with me on that well tough!
Shoeswap Snow is definitely here to stay. Wish I was still skiing...
Martinh It’s seven weeks on Friday that I lost my wife…they say that time heals all wounds….I don’t know about that!
josmith all those grand-kids to buy for, found cheap toys on
Maggsk To meet new friends have a laugh and chat
tractorboy70 Thanks for dropping by Hi i'm Tractorboy70, I am just over fifty Married with 3 grown up children. Looking to chat and make friends I have 121 chat Come and chat I don't bite
spiritofspain All trees are still sleeping ready for next year except for the Kumquat - the fruits are now mostly ripe. Smaller crop this year after two years of mega harvests. Tree must be having a little rest!!
Peeler50 Living life to the fullest, waking every morning is a blessing, because tomorrows are not guaranteed.
Ed57 So far so good. Got a couple nice messages. Some people just don't understand Grinches though! But still think I'll stick around. Cheers.
GadgetBum Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

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