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Toska Honeybees
Gem5 Buzz...... Buzzz ..... Buzzzz ..... Buzzzzz
SHAN So sad to hear that the site is closing, been here only in a month and I’ve met really nice people. My gratitude to Mila & the team for the hard worked and dedication they put up on this site. Sure the site will be missed by the members & the team who extend their help. Hats off to you guys!!
Advocate4Angels Love helping our wonderful Vets and assisting people who suffer from severe mental illness!!! American Armenian girl who loves her country and the men who fight to protect us, keep us free and safe from harm!!!
William 58 Professional and College Basketball regular seasons are well underway. I am enjoying watching the games every evening and weekend days. Spring Training for MLB Baseball began on February 15th. I can't wait for the Regular Season to begin on Thursday, March 28th. Baseball is the best!
Pebbles Its nearly time to say goodbye and I just want to say that this site got me through a couple of really difficult times in my life. I truly appreciate the hard work word put in by the admin over the years and I'll miss it. I wish everyone peace and good luck for the future.
Good Life Sorry to see this site is closing.
Solo “The World is the Chessboard on which we play. The pieces are the phenomena of the Universe, The rules of the game being the laws of Nature. And the player on the other side is never revealed.
JustMe1960 Looking for chat freinds.
Courtney Happy New Year! There is always something to be thankful for. Always be kind.
mariabr45 Happy New year to all of you. New year, new hopes, new dreams…I hope they come true to you all.
June62 Women who can run in heels should be feared!
Romany Travel plans for this year are Malta ,Murcia ,Majorca ,Bulgaria,Murcia ,Portugal and finally back to Malta in time for Christmas thanks to everyone who has sent me birthday messages and gifts xxx
Lenora To all the wonderful people I've met on this site....wishing you only the best! May you be blessed with healthy and joyous years ahead! Thanks for brightening my day dear friends. It's been a pleasure being in touch with you. If interested, we can share email info. Ciao :) Many thanks to Mila!

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