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Patches630 The air is finally clear again, after days of the worst air in the world due to fires. Hallelujah !
Dennis 2 Enjoy being with positive people doing something outdoors, love to help others.
windlass In the Fall, I love when the afternoon sun pours through the windows and lights up the house with a pinkish-orange glow.
Mac50 Autumn is in the air!
Ezra Former Canada Post employee (indoors)Dad was in army-spent 2 yrs in Germany love photography.composing poetry,humour ,biking, walking the track and working out in gym...(just started again after summer holidays.If I see a special ball-cap I need to restrain from buying- I'm
Katherine Have a wonderful and fun day ! Kat
BlueEyedLad “I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person.” Oscar Wilde. “Be the change you want to see in the world” Gandhi.
Kate20 Joining Buzz 50
AngelButterfly ✿✿✿​BE*HAPPY*BE*LUVED*BE*KIND ✿✿✿
wgcallahan starting over for my last time .
Gem5 " Be among the few who dare to follow their dreams. "
Pats Buzzing about so many things is making my head buzz.
Shazzer To know my grandchildren are safe at school, crossed fingers ? that continues, especially with my Granddaughter's chemotherapy treatments and my Grandson recently having a tumour removed, and another day crossed off on my shielding. Wishing everyone a safe and healthy day.
ElizaK Meaning to meaningless

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    • Katherine's Avatar
    • Hello
    • Thank you smile.png
    • tony55's Avatar
    • Hi
    • Welcome Enjoy the ride..
    • Gem5's Avatar
    • Hello ...
    • Thank you, Eira and Rosie smile.png
    • Eira's Avatar
    • Hello
    • Hi Karina - Welcome to Buzz. Hope you soon figure things out and settle in - just shout if you need any help. smile.png...
    • Livorno's Avatar
    • Livorno
    • Actually pulled Livorno out of the dictionary.....knowing it was Italy and a lake.....I live on the west coast of Calif....
    • Eira's Avatar
    • new member
    • Hello and Welcome to Buzz, Summer of 69. Hope you soon settle in.
    • Eira's Avatar
    • Hello! Newbie here!
    • Hello, MsMarsy, and Welcome to Buzz. Hope you soon settle in and have fun.

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