Although chat rooms are on the increase and more seniors over 50 are finding chatting online a great way to meet others, many rooms don’t survive and are shut down by their owners.

Chat rooms for seniors over 50 have seen a huge increase in chatters recently, mostly due to the increase in ‘baby boomers’ who are on the internet.

75% of over 50 year olds now have access to the internet, either through a PC, tablet or smart phone.

A chat room is an online internet service where people can type messages to each other in real time. Some chatrooms now have live video and audio chat.

Most chat rooms cater for all ages and many have dedicated rooms by age ranges.
The Buzz50 chat rooms are in fact actually all over 50 senior’s rooms and cover a wide variety of interests.

It can be quite daunting to join a live chat room, especially if it is your first time.

Seniors over 50 chat rooms have been around for quite a few years now and more and more of us are using them to find friends and companionship.

Most chat rooms allow private chats between chatters as well as the public chat room.

How this works caries from site to site but it usually involves clicking on the name or avatar of the person and then

There are so many chat rooms on the internet now that it makes it really difficult to choose the right one, espescially if you are over 50.

Why does being over 50 matter?

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