Chat rooms can be quite daunting places at first and the Buzz50 over 50 chat rooms are no exception. We do have really friendly chatters and a strict code of conduct backed up by firm and fair moderation.
Before you go into a chat room have a look round the site and familiarise yourself with what the site is about.

When you enter the chat room for the first time, say ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ and then sit still and listen to what the conversation is about. Don’t barge in with all guns blazing and try to chat too much at first.
Don’t expect the chatters to be ‘all over you’ at first; they will have been in full flow chatting and you have just entered their room.
After a short while see if you can join in with a comment about the current topic(s) rather than starting something new.
Make notes of who is in the chat room and a few details about them as this will stand you in great stead on future visits.
Enjoy your first entry into the room and say your goodbyes politely, leaving time for others to respond. It is quite a good idea to make your excuses early on so that the chatters can talk about you once you have left. You can always pop back in half an hour later!

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