Although chat rooms are on the increase and more seniors over 50 are finding chatting online a great way to meet others, many rooms don’t survive and are shut down by their owners.

This is almost always due to the moderation or lack of moderation that goes on in the rooms which can cause great problems for the owner and moderators.
It is the firm but fair moderation here in the Buzz50 chat rooms that makes our site stand out from the crowd and ensured that we have survived.
Even seniors over 50 can cause trouble!

The typed word is quite different from the spoken work and can be interpreted in different ways by different people, leading to upsets and disputes that wouldn’t necessarily occur in real life face to face conversations. Body language and tone of voice are completely missing in chat rooms.

Chat rooms are a great comfort to many and compliment the other social networking areas that we have here on the site such as profile pages and the forums.

Our senior chat rooms must be amongst the longest running for over 50s on the Net and we intend to be here for ever!

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