There are hundreds, if not thousands of chat rooms on the internet but not all of them are suited to seniors over 50.

The Buzz50 chat rooms are designed by over 50s and run by seniors over 50. All the moderators and admins are over 50, as is the site owner and his wife!

Now is a good time to join the Buzz50 Senior Chat Rooms as we are fast approaching our busiest period. November through to February sees many of us stuck indoors for longer periods and some of us turn to our computers for entertainment, chat, company and companionship.

As chat rooms in general decline, chat rooms for seniors over 50 are on the increase. Mike Barrett, owner of Buzz50 which has one of the most successful international senior chat rooms has seen a huge increase in chatters over recent months.

Chat rooms can be quite daunting places at first and the Buzz50 over 50 chat rooms are no exception. We do have really friendly chatters and a strict code of conduct backed up by firm and fair moderation.
Before you go into a chat room have a look round the site and familiarise yourself with what the site is about.

The Buzz50 chat rooms are probably the only chat rooms that are designed specifically for those of us who are over 50 and are, as far as I can determine, the ONLY chat rooms that are also run and moderated by over 50 seniors.

Internet chat rooms are a great way to meet new friends and to banish loneliness, especially if you are a senior chatter over 50.

It is said that 55% of our communication is by body language, 30% is vocal tones, emphasis and timing and only a small percentage is the actual words. Chat rooms for seniors over 50 can be a great way to share ideas but lots of misunderstandings can spoil the enjoyment.

Chat rooms have been around almost since the beginning of the internet but do they create lasting relationships?

They bring comfort and companionship to many and have been the seed of countless long-term relationships.

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