If you have a drink or a drug problem, then one of the places you can turn to is a rehab centre.
It is not just celebrities who suffer from alcohol addiction or drug addiction and need rehabilitation so there is lots of help out there and it does not need to cost a fortune either; financial help is available and in some cases rehab can be provided free for certain types of drug abuse and alcohol abuse if you qualify.

If you are looking for a local addiction or rehab centre then one of the best ways to do it could be by using one of these online services:
Talk to Frank

UKAT Rehab Centres

Public Health England – Rehab Online

Executive Rehab Guide – NHS or Private

Drug addiction does not have to come from only illegal drugs. Prescription drugs can easily lead to addiction and can either result in the prescription being abused or the user turning to other drug sources, sometimes illegal drug dealers and sometimes from the internet. The earlier you can get help for drug addiction the better as there are so many things that can help with drug abuse and rehabilitation at the early stages.
Alcohol abuse can easily creep up on people who can become addicted to this legal drug without realising it until it is too late. If you feel that you are drinking too much, even if you do not believe that you are addicted then it is good to seek help as soon as possible, maybe even from your GP and there is so much help available which works. Rehab centres may seem like a last resort but your doctor will help and advise.

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