You can make a Buzzer happy by sending Gifts
Here is how to send gifts OR watch a YouTube video how to by clicking here
1. Go to the profile page of the person you want to send a gift to
2.Scroll down under their photo and find their Gift tab towards the right (A), choose a gift to send (B) and click its 'Send Gift' button.


3. Optionally, type a message to go with the gift (C) and click the 'Send' button (D).

5. Your gift is now on its way to the lucky Buzzer who will get:

  • A PM message with the gift image and your message
  • The gift on their profile wall
  • The gift and you private message on their own Gifts Received tab
  • 80% of the Buzzer Points which you spent on them; the other 20% goes to support our site

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