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TOPIC: Chat Room Etiquette

Chat Room Etiquette 1 year 3 months ago #3835715

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We want everyone to enjoy the Buzz 50 Chatrooms; So here are some Etiquette and Guides for their use.

Please review the Chat Room rules in the spare room or the forum :- Link to the Rules

The Lounge and Balcony Rooms are for general chat - Pictures can be posted but not Videos
The Cosy Corner is also for general chat and you can post Pictures and Videos

Please feel free to use the Lounge, Balcony or Cosy Rooms for your General chats as sometimes it can be hard to follow conversations if a room is very busy.

The Music Room should be used for posting Music Videos and Music related chat
The Function Room is for special events - Please let us know if you have some suggestions and/or would like to host anything.

Everyone enjoys the chatrooms more when there are active chatters in the rooms,

Your status can be set by clicking the 3 bars on the top right hand corner of the chat window and selecting the appropriate one :-

Green / Online : I'm here and wanting to chat
Amber / Away : I've had to step away from the computer and will be back in a few minutes.
Red / Busy : I'm doing other things at the moment and am not available to chat.

The Away and Busy status should only be used for short periods of time, eg up to 15 minutes. If its any longer than this please drop out of the chat room so as to not cause upset, confusion.

Please set the appropriate status; and if informed by another chatter that you are showing the wrong status please set it correctly.

On the left hand side of the Chat window is the list of who is in the room. If you move your mouse over them you will get 3 symbols to pop up.
1 - Speech bubble - Click this to start a 121 conversation with this user (see below)
2 - Star - if you click this and make the star blue this member will be listed in your friends tab in Community Chat - if you have 121.
3 - Face with an x for the mouth - this puts this member on your ignore list - Please use this Only Temporarily as Ignoring polite hellos etc is considered rude and may lead to miss understandings. If you intend to ignore someone long term please advise them by a Private Message, So they don't complain that you are being rude and ignoring them.

If you click on the persons picture their profile will be opened up in another tab.

As well as chatting in the main rooms you can also purchase the 1-2-1 chat facility. so you can chat with another member with 121 directly. ( Link to info on 121-ChatLink to info on 121-Chat ) And you will also have the Community Chat facility on the right hand side of your screen.
Please only start 121 chats with people you have previously spoken to in the main chat rooms or via Private message; Otherwise its a bit like running up to stranger and shouting Hello in their face.

To Send a Private Message (Buzz Email) to someone You can either :-

1: Open their profile by Clicking on their picture and scroll down to the Send xxxx a Message
2: Click on the Private messages prompt at the top right of the Buzz 50 window and then click on the compose button and type their member name in the TO box.

Please remember that the written word does not come with the visual and verbal cues of a face to face conversation, so always think about what you write. Sarcasm rarely comes across well, and things written as jokes may not be read that way by others. Also be aware that there are members from all over the world and words can mean different things in different countries.

Chatters should also be mindful that things that may be common practice in one country are not acceptable in another, and should manage their conversations accordingly, so as to not offend or upset other chatters.

Be mindful of all the people in the room and try to involve them all in your conversations. If You feel the need to have an exclusive conversation or one that swamps the room. Please move to another room or use 121.

As Moderators, we also like to join in with conversations, and having to "Moderate" poor behaviour or etiquette spoils the experience for us; We are usually quite tolerant. So if a Mod asks you to desist in doing something, it is usually because it is upsetting other people and we would rather not have to take stronger action.

Everyone should feel welcome in the chat rooms, and feel able to express themselves in their own way. We remind you there are several rooms and that if the topic of conversation or the speed of the room is too fast you may find one of the other rooms more to your liking.

If there are any concerns or queries please ask other chatters, the Chat Moderators or the Admin team. We can all be reached by Private Messages or in the chat rooms themselves.

We hope this helps
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