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TOPIC: So many times with medications

So many times with medications 6 months 4 weeks ago #3950458

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Medications are so prone to mistakes in many ways - some almost irrelevant - some potentially lethal and certainly not uncommon.
I've just been reminded by an easily resolved incident with a Webster Pack only minutes ago.

In just the last day or two, events related to my own meds & those of others have resurfaced & prompted more memories of gross incompetence within our medical systems.
Inside the last 2 years I had one period in particular where roughly 20 individual nurses were unable to organise & give me correct medications ( I was on a LOT of serious stuff at that time but that is still inexcusable )

Had I not stayed right on the ball & watched them like a hawk then it is almost certain that I would not be here typing this right now. Numerous qualified friends 'in the know' have confirmed this as fact & even have some of the relevant information stored.

One med that comes to mind required a specific & unusual technique & was funny/unfunny.
SOME of the nurses were good, many not so.. stubborn, ignorant etc etc,
I would watch without interfering and it was amusing to see them trying to do the impossible with certain meds.
The good lasses I would then quietly offer my help, & some later would ask my guidance, ( we were then able to work together which was good ) but for the stubborn who thought they knew everything - but didn't ... well lets just say I bided my time.

One smarty decided that SHE knew everything & could & would do it her way & SAID SO ! NO problem I just let her TRY and that meant her having to go to the opposite end of the very long building.

Finally - I got her attention & when she was listening rather than just domineering.
I told her simply "If you want to be arrogant and dismisssive I can easily have you walking this entire building unnecessarily - however if you just treat me as a human being and will just listen we could have sorted that out right here & within 10 seconds."

After I showed her she thankfully had a big change of attitude ( & saved herself a few km of unwarranted walking )

But there were so many other potentially dangerous / lethal incidents including where one of the competent nurses, until I challenged her, was going to give me a cytotoxic medication instead of a dose of protein drink due similar names. The former had been ceased some time earlier & put away in a "supposedly safe locked area" but as they say mice & men & dare I say ....? It was NOT the fault of that nurse.

I could relate so many more incidents that should NEVER have occurred but...

.... what have you encountered OR OBSERVED as happens frequently for those aware.

Before going on, and as just one tiny example .. I watched one of the better nurses give an older woman her medication & it appeared.... to have gone in her mouth and down the hatch.
The nurse then walked away, satisfied that the medication had been taken.

Maybe 20 seconds later I got up from where I'd been sitting near this cunning old woman and quietly went to across to the nurse.

"Just to let you know, she hasn't actually taken her medication nurse"

"YES she has - I watched her swallow it myself"

"NO... you THOUGHT you saw her take and swallow it - BUT - what you didn't see was her soon after sweep it from her mouth and slide her arm down & discard it onto the floor where you'll now find it if you go look"

She was stunned & even moreso when of course she looked & sure enough ...

So... what have you encountered humourous or serious, & of course even the seemingly humorous can have potentially serious outcomes.

This posting is long but believe me when I say that.. DEAD SERIOUSLY.. it hasn't even begun to scratch the surface - SO much that I and probably you would not even consider writing about here - BUT these events ARE happening and far too often in far too many areas.

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So many times with medications 6 months 4 weeks ago #3950460

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They got me taking these anti Cholesterol and Anti High Blood Pressure stuff DAILY

I take them Just called in a Refill.

Pharm says One on Ready.

I take 2 High Blood pressure Pills a day and one Cholesterol Pill a day.

They wanted to lower my Heart BEAT, and MY Cholesterol, I am not mad at the.

I am supposed to go the DOctor on the 31st of July to let them take my blood and see how those meds are Working.

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So many times with medications 6 months 4 weeks ago #3950487

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It still amazes me how some people who are ill and on medication choose to think they know better and not take it. As a diabetic and with high Cholesterol, I take medication for both, and despite having my ups and downs with both, have in the long term reduced my Cholesterol and my blood sugars. I now get checked twice a year for sugar and once a year for Cholesterol. Have also helped the situation by losing over 20 KG since I was first diagnosed, and I still continue to try and lose more weight .
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So many times with medications 6 months 3 weeks ago #3950602

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Vigilance is key.
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So many times with medications 6 months 3 weeks ago #3950610

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A home BS monitor is handy....still have the twice yearly long term checks though.
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