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TOPIC: "Called off wedding to her ghost lover'

"Called off wedding to her ghost lover' 5 days 15 hours ago #3538392

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<<< Renovated a 250yo cottage on a slight hill. Told by aged locals, that a women had been crushed to death by a runaway cart, yonks ago, where the kitchen was ultimately built.
Pots and pans, hung on wall hooks in the evening, would be scattered on the floor in the morning. Yet no sound of crashing.
Our large active, fearless dog, would go into total out of character overdrive, and never enter the kitchen, however hungry. Only eating on the patio.
Curiously, there was always an otherwise warm welcoming ambience.
Conclusion. Treat afterlife with respect and it will respect you.
"Out of the Eyes and Words of Children. We 'May', be best Known."

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"Called off wedding to her ghost lover' 5 days 14 hours ago #3538411

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After spending an evening at my mates house chatting about ghosts poltergeists etc with him and his wife we then played some Gran Turismo on the Play Station I left about 1 am and went home just up the road, I lived alone at the time, I went to bed and sitting on the edge of my bed I was just thinking how weird it would be if a ghost showed it's face, I was slipping my socks off when I heard a banging which got louder and louder the whole room was shaking and I had two wardrobes which were banging together hard! I was at first what the hell then I was so excited it was like oh wow they are real then I noticed out the bedroom window the houses across the street moving! yeh it was an earthquake which put a stop to the poltergeist theory I was gutted for a few minutes then I just laughed at myself.
I have seen some weird things going on in my house the wife believes in ghosts and used to go to the spiritualist church and come back and tell me all sorts of mumbo jumbo which I took with a pinch of salt.
She stopped going the spiritualists after watching that Derrin Brown show where he entered psychic school in the USA and conned them in to believing he was psychic and they said he was the best psychic they had ever seen, he then explained why it is all a con and he is not psychic but tricking them like they do vulnerable people, the people at the psychic school just left wouldn't talk about it, says it all really.

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