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TOPIC: The Family Reunion that Happened!

The Family Reunion that Happened! 2 weeks 5 days ago #3658766

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Lying in my bed, back at my hotel room in Harrisburg, I had Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers playing on my Samsung Galaxy S21 5G smartphone. When the song "Free Fallin'" ended, I stopped the MP3 player and removed the Bose wireless ear buds from my ear canals. I placed the smartphone and earbuds on the nightstand next to the bed. I realized my head was buzzing. I guess I had had the volume turned up too loud. Crap. Well, the buzzing would pass shortly. The associated headache I wasn't to sure about.

It wasn't all that late, just around 11pm, and I really wasn't that tired, but tomorrow would be a big day. I would be getting up early to meet Ginger at the Ranch House. She was due to arrive there between 6 and 7am, after surviving her dreadful fight from Seattle that had been severely delayed at O'Hare in Chicago. Poor Gin. These sort of things always seemed to happen to her.

I was really looking forward to seeing her and spending time with her again. Gramps and Grams were another story entirely. I had spent most of the afternoon visiting with them at The Ranch House. Gramps was having a bit of trouble with his onset of Dementia, and Grams was blitzed on Bourbon. Between the two of them, they barely stopped talking long enough to listen to the answers I was trying to give to the questions they were endlessly asking me. And with both of them having certain levels of impairment to their thought and reasoning processes, lots of what they said to me made little to no sense.

Still, I loved them both very much, so I kept a smile plastered on my face, laughed when it felt necessary, and let them enjoy our time together. Gramps couldn't drink alcohol due to the heavy doses of various medications he took daily, but I enjoyed several bottles of Millworks Amber Ale. Millworks was one of the most highly acclaimed and popular Craft Beer Breweries in Harrisburg. The Ale was perfect in helping me to chill while visiting with my Grandparents.

My Grandparents had raised Gin and I after our parents were killed in a tragic accident when I was just seven years old. Gin was 16, going on 17. It was a Godawful time for all of us. I try not to think about it too much now. But when I was young, my parents death, and subsequent absence from my life was devastating to me. I got really messed up emotionally. Gin was terribly affected also, but being almost an adult herself, she dealt with the situation somewhat better than I did.

Nursing was Gin's salvation, and Baseball was mine. Although it took me quite a while to get there. But that's a story for another time.
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The Family Reunion that Happened! 2 weeks 4 days ago #3659165

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Ginger has landed! One plane flight that was filled with a few disturbances, not only during the thunderstorm that shifted and jolted the craft, but the passenger who was sitting next to Gin, having fallen asleep on her shoulder and was snoring, seemed to have taken the lead above and beyond for another type of disturbance. He snored like a horse that was for sure! Nudging to wake him up was not successful, so live and let live, Gin took a brief nap herself, leaning the opposite direction of the Horse Snorer...

Tired but excited, Ginger called Gram and Gramps, letting them know she was heading their way to arrive soon. They were very happy to know that Polly was tending to the catering and meal planning! Polly was surely proficient and in presenting a very suitable menu for the reunion, oh this would be grand! Gram and Gramps were happy but tired as Ginger spoke with them, sounded like Tilly was a bit tipsy and Jack perhaps just a bit confused...I am concerned for their health ...

I am going to get to see Polly at the reunion, I can hardly wait!

The Ranch House, oh and to see my brother again! Life is wonderful and so is he, but we have a lot of catching up to do and so we will. Both of us being with Grams and Gramps who raised us, it was a very special thing that brother and I have this opportunity to be with them again, yet a bit taken back they are hosting this reunion, will this be the last reunion, Ginger had to ponder that thought. She loved them both so much.

I've decided to stay in my childhood bedroom instead of the nearby Bed and Breakfast, I want bro Nath
to stay in his also, perhaps I can talk him into it, although I doubt it.

Music, there has to be the sound system activated once brot gets it in motion as he will, he is excellent at streaming a nice variety of sounds throughout the Ranch home....I know gramps will put in his earplugs and grams will probably start dancing....

I will dance and sing along with the music, let the songs help create a reunion to remember~

Hopping in to my rental car, and off I go now to the Ranch House!
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The Family Reunion that Happened! 2 weeks 3 days ago #3659917

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Polly wondered what she would say to Gin when she saw her at the reunion. They got on well as girls. They had a lot in common. Both had lost parents and been raised by relatives though Polly's mother wasn't dead - she had run off with a truck driver who she met when she was a waitress at the Bar n Grill. Polly never knew her birth father. Her mom got pregnant when she was 17 and refused to say who the father was, though speculation among neighbours was rife at the time.

Shortly before Polly was born her mom moved in with Aunt Meg - when her condition became obvious she was cast out of the family home by her dad. Taking very little with her she caught a Greyhound bus and, having nowhere else to go, turned up at father's spinster sister's house where she was welcomed with open arms and no questions asked.

Although her early years might have been scarred by the shadow of illegitimacy, Polly's memories were happy . Just the three of them : Mom, Aunt Meg and Polly. A happy little family though money was tight and her mom worked shifts at the Bar n Grill. They were happy. That was what she thought until she came home from school one day to find Aunt Meg sitting in the kitchen crying with a crumpled goodbye note lying on the table. Her mom had gone.
She had not realised her mom was restless, desperate to get away. Polly was eight years old . No father and now no mother. But she did have Aunt Meg. Little did she know then that given time she would lose her too...

How would Gin see her now? Poor little Polly from school. Always smiling. A regular Pollyanna wearing other girl's cast off clothes. Everyone knew she had no dad and her mom had run off. But now, transformed into a successful business woman through sheer hard work, a high end caterer , she could hold her head high…
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