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Started just before Christmas 2014 as part of Buzz50's Banish Loneliness Campaign for Seniors over 50. Still going strong in 2017!
This category is for talk about loneliness and how to tackle it. Can you can help in our campaign?

TOPIC: Loneliness can seriously affect your health - Buzz50 can help

Loneliness can seriously affect your health - Buzz50 can help 1 month 1 week ago #3328625

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Hello Ladyliberty66,

I have read your post several times trying to understand everything you have written about. As you said, anyone looking at you would never see your pain and loneliness, your picture shows you as looking fit, athletic even.
How long have you suffered from osteoarthritis? It is very painful and drags your spirits down and when you are on your own and isolated I can understand how you can drop down into the black tunnel of despair.
Are the drugs and abuse you refer to , ones that were prescribed for pain management?
It's very sad that you have lost your family, I can't imagine what it must be like to be estranged from your children/ grandchildren, it is so much easier to cope with life's slings and arrows when you are surrounded by a loving family. Is there no way to begin to restore family relations?

It sounds like you want to make changes in your life but having operations, getting divorced, selling your house, wanting to travel etc etc all at once would be overwhelming to anyone even in the best health. Wouldn't it be better to concentrate on one achieveable thing at a time?
Accepting the limitations to our lives as we get older is a difficult adjustment when mobility is compromised and we have to find ways to continue with the things that we can do and find new alternatives. It sounds like the group of 80 year old veterans you used to meet up with, coffee or no coffee, was a step in the right direction.
I had to look up Antifia because I'd never heard the term. I wondered why they would have attacked you?
I'm sorry that you are having such a hard time of it? Do you have any support for your mental health problems? YOu are right, pain, loneliness, and isolation compound to adversely affect one's mental health.
I have responded to you here,not because I have any answers but just to let you know that someone somewhere has heard what you say and cares enough to write a few words. smile.png

Take care, hang in there, take a little step at a time and you might be surprised at how things might change for you, even if by only making some cyber friends here on Buzz
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