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TOPIC: Dog Patrol

Dog Patrol 2 months 4 weeks ago #3413006

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Dog Patrol

I’ve just picked up Shadow from the dog pound
He’s more like a friend to me
Seems to know my every move and thought
He’s like one of my Family
It’s 22.00hrs on Friday
A weekend duty once again
And there are lots of things I could be doing
Than driving down this lane
Which meanders for miles on end it seems
From the City to the country beyond
It’s our turn to monitor the industrial site
And a venue of which I’m not too fond
As it seems that the area is like a magnet
To all the low-life around
So while the site is closed for a couple of days
Criminals seem to abound
We’ve arrived at our destination
My friend Shadow and me
He’s out of the van and makes for the first tree
And now that he’s “comfy” he returns to my side
And on with his leash and with comfort he’ll guide
Our footsteps in safety as together we stride
From building to building, ever aware
That a sneak thief or armed robber may be lurking there
As the corner we turn a lone car I see
Parked in a spot where I know it shouldn,t be
The headlights flash twice
And it flashes through my mind
It’s a signal to a villain
Are they in front or behind
And Shadow has sensed my feel of unease
He strains at his leash
As though from his collar to squeeze
His heckles are up and raring to go
And find this intruder
Now his training will show
I’ve phoned for back-up in case things get bad
And hope above hope that it’s only a lad
Or a couple of tearaways taking a chance
Of some easy pickings their drug habits to enhance
So we quicken our pace as a glass breaking sound
That would awaken the dead or anyone around
At the rear of a building a broken window we found
Had someone gained entry, my heart starts to pound
In the flashlight I saw bloodstains
So they were cut as they tried
Are they inside now or have they run off to hide
So I issued a challenge and let Shadow free
He dashed off in the darkness
Closely followed by me
As we dashed up the staircase
To the first floor, was there a second or third
How many more
Half way up the flight I heard a car engine roar
To a halt outside the building and the slam of a door
I ran down the stairs and heard someone shout
“There’s a Guard with a Dog let’s get the Hell out”
And the car sped away as I came through the door
And old friend Shadow returned to me once more.
The back –up arrived but once again too late
Which happens quite frequently
But perhaps we’d foiled a Burglary,Me and my mate,
That’s what a faithful Guard dog can be
He maybe a Shadow by nature and name
But he’s a very good friend to me

Dennis Shrubshall 9th February 2008
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Dog Patrol 2 months 4 weeks ago #3413366

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Another fab poem, thankyou Shrubby....smile.png
Until one has loved an animal,
part of their soul remains unawakened.
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Dog Patrol 2 months 4 weeks ago #3413615

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Good job Mr Shrubshall.
God Bless Murica!

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