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TOPIC: E-Readers?

E-Readers? 1 week 1 day ago #3523900

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I use the Kindle paperwhite. Youcan adjust the text size.I have macular holes in both eyes and the beginnings of cataracts.

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E-Readers? 1 week 3 hours ago #3524236

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djohnny wrote: I have got cataracts in both eyes and and i'm still waiting to undergo the operation . In the meanwhile i have been looking or trying to, find a suitable e-reader. I have checked out Kindle Oasis, Kobo Forma,
and Kobo H2O. Could i ask forum members for their opinions on these e-readers please. Any help or advice would be really appreciated. Thank you.

Hi dJohnny

My wife and start our e-reading life with Kindles, the kind that had keyboards. They lasted a good few years but then gave up, both of them.

When I came to replace them I researched as you are doing and found that there were 100s and 100s of BAD reviews for the latest Amazon Kindles with many reviews saying they packed up after just 1 year. Add to that the fact that Amazon use their own proprietary book formats and I was persuaded to go elsewhere.

Of the competitors the KOBO's looked the best and so we bought 2 of those and I can say they have been brilliant.

I absolutely love the smaller size which is so much easier to hold and it has a fabulous backlight built in so I can happily read in bed whilst the wife sleeps and have no worries about any bright lights annoying her. Naturally you can make the font size of text however big you need.

Now the more important aspect.

Amazon books are digitally locked with (DRM) which means you can't easily share them with other people and have to use their devices or PC apps to read their books.

However, there exists a fabulous and massively used piece of PC software called CALIBRE that organises all your e-books on your PC and it can convert any Amazon e-book into other formats.

On my KOBO I therefore use the ePUB format which is brilliant. But I still buy all my books from Amazon.

I download the books from Amazon onto my PC, load them into CALIBRE which then strips away the DRM digital nonsense and converts the books to ePUB format and I then simply load them onto the KOBOs. It's all really easy.

The benefits of this are numerous.

First, having a KOBO does NOT tie me to Amazon books and their proprietary format

Second, by loading any Amazon books into Calibre and stripping the DRM I then essentially have a book that IS MINE just like a real book on your bookshelf. I can give such books to my wife to read or to anyone else. It also means I am future proofed in case Amazon books and/or devices ever go bust or for other reasons disappear.

Overall I really like having an open device that isn't locked or dependent on Amazon
I like being able to still buy and read Amazon books on my KOBO after converting them in Calibre
I like being able to share my books with anyone else like a real book. It means my money has been spent on something real and tangible rather than on some half thing that is perpetually locked and linked to Amazon.

Go KOBO imo
Only dead fish swim with the flow

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E-Readers? 6 days 10 hours ago #3524437

  • djohnny
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Hiya Realist
Thanks for taking the timeout to reply.
I think that i just might invest a few quid in a KOBO e-reader providing that the Calibre program will work in a Linux OS.
Will check out Calibre asap! Thanks

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