Why Buzz50 Senior Chat Rooms is the best Social networking Site for over 50s

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"One of the best chat sites around"
"I think Buzz is a good site for older people to social network"
"Best social site on the net for over fifty"
"Love everything about buzz50 A happy, safe forum and hard working staff
Thanks to you all"
"Buzz has helped me through a difficult time in my life"
"Its a very well run site"
At times its been a life saver. Helps stop the loneliness. Made 1 good female friend and we use the new one to one chat now which is great. We are meeting up over Xmas : ) Its a very friendly environment.
its a good way to make friends.
i have been on other chat sites some as Admin and another as a room monitor ..but i think Buzz 50 has something for everyone to enjoy .cant fault it Mike

Buzz50 Senior Chat Rooms, Senior Forums and Social Networking for Seniors Over 50 Only

Buzz50 is a completely free seniors social networking site for over 50's with forums, senior chat rooms and profile pages. We welcome visitors and members of all ages and from all countries around the world and particularly those who are in their 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s or older. Our members are primarily from the UK, USA, Canada and Australia but we have many english speaking members from all around the world. Our senior forum based sections allow you to join in the discussions or even start your own. Live senior chat rooms designed and used by seniors over 50 are a great way to meet others and chat with people from around the world. If you do join, and it is free then you get your own senior social networking profile page where you can fill in details about yourself if you wish, along with your photos, blogs and a wall where visitors can comment. Buzz50 is a great place for seniors to make friends with other over 50s from around the world. You have a list of your friends on your profile page and can invite others to be friends with you. Do please email me at [email protected] if you would like to know more or have any problems joining the site.

Whether you are looking for social networking, chat rooms or discussion forums, Buzz50 Seniors is the site for you.

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